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Science of Style with Nat Tucker

Have you ever laid in bed at night and wondered if you had a calling? A talent that came so naturally you didn’t have to think about it. Not only a talent, but a passion that meant Monday mornings weren’t to be feared, but instead to be celebrated? Some of us are lucky that way, and I was able to get one on the phone last week to find out exactly how she turned her talent into a thriving business.

Nat Tucker was working for the J Group (Jacqui E, Portmans, Jay Jays, etc.) in New Zealand, as a sales assistant, and winning customer service awards when her talent started to emerge. She was making big sales and customers were coming back time and time again to see her. Some people started calling up to see when she was working and eventually the store started taking bookings customers to come in for her fashion advice. Eventually the head honchos caught on and asked Nat to take on the role of Personal Stylist at Jacqui E.

The thing is, nobody had heard of a personal stylist back then. There were no courses you could take, and no defined salary. It was a totally new concept. Nat negotiated to be paid as a manager and her career as a stylist began. It was Nat’s intuition for colours and shapes that kept people coming back. Nat knew that when a busy woman had things in her wardrobe that not only looked great on, but all worked together, getting dressed in the morning suddenly got a lot easier.

It was the moment that a customer asked her to come to her home and do a personal styling session that Nat knew her calling was no longer at the J Group. She decided to head home to Australia and start her own business as a personal stylist.

Science of Style Nat Tucker

At first she took on clients one-on-one. She made a little bit of money in the first year, but by the third year she had so many clients that she started hosting group workshops in her shed on Sundays. Her clients loved the way she showed them how all the pieces in their wardrobe should work together. She created maps, plans and colour charts for them to take home. The women who came to her for help were busy professionals. They didn’t want to think about what to wear in the morning, they just wanted to know they looked great, no matter what they had on.

Nat’s styling is based on undertones. She discovered she had the innate ability to determine someone’s undertone just by looking at them, even from a photo. Guided by their undertone she then made recommendations about colours that just worked. Along with colours she suggested shapes: necklines, skirt lengths, cuffing shirt sleeves and pant legs to make the most of someone’s proportions, and which shoes set off the outfit. After a session with Nat, you could go to the shops with your list in hand, and come home knowing that tomorrow you would be able to get dressed quickly and look amazing without the stress.

With all that experience under her belt, Nat decided it was time to expand and bring her fashion mantra to the masses. She partnered up with her friend Tatum Woodroffe, who is a digital marketing guru, and launched her business: Make It Look Easy; and online course: Be the Boss of Your Wardrobe.

The success of Make It Look Easy and the Boss course was beyond anything Nat could have dreamed. It truly went viral. Currently, she has over 500 members in the Boss in Your Wardrobe Facebook group, and she freely admits that the course isn’t cheap. But this is what women who don’t have time to think about what to wear have been craving. They want rules. They want to be told what suits them. They want looking good to be easy.

The Boss Course
Nat no longer has time for in-person styling sessions or workshops, instead everything is done via email and though the Boss in Your Wardrobe Facebook group. Once you sign up for the course, which currently costs $1,547 up front (there are also payment plans available), you get access to the Facebook group and a self-paced course that gets sent by email. Each module comes with homework that you can post in the group, or send privately, and then Nat personally checks over your work. If you do everything on time, you can finish the course in 16 days, but most people take their time and complete the tasks at their own pace. If Nat hasn’t heard from you in two weeks, she, or one of her moderators, will follow up. Nat wants to ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit from the course. She doesn’t want anyone to drop out, or feel they’re not getting support.

Science of Style Nat Tucker

Once you’ve completed the course you’ll get your own copy of the Big Book of Boss and a personalised digital shopping list. Plus you get to be part of the Boss community and engage with others who have done the course, not just for the length of the course, but for as long as you’d like. Many friendships have been formed in the Facebook group, and Nat and her staff make sure it’s always a welcoming place to stop by.

With her 500+ community, international speaking engagements, her e-book: The Real Hue, interior design course, and mens and teens courses on the way, you’d think Nat’s days were full. They probably are, but that hasn’t stopped her launching her biggest project yet. The one thing all her clients have been crying out for: her own fashion line!

Science of Style
Nat has always been an advocate of buying quality clothing. She’s not a fan of fast fashion: cheap, mass produced items that don’t last. She wants her graduates to have pieces in their wardrobe that might cost a bit more, but will serve them well for years. As can so often be the case, Nat had an idea of the clothes she wanted to recommend, but found it hard to find exactly what she was looking for. The obvious thing to do was create her own. Science of Style launched last weekend, in the presence of hundreds of Nat’s loyal supporters. They are so loyal in fact that her new website crashed twice and many of the pieces sold out on the first day. Not to worry though, at the launch Nat assured us that more stock was on the way.

The basis of Science of Style is simple. Nat sources the best quality materials, including organic cotton, dyes the fabrics to her colour specifications (that suit the four undertone categories from her course), and then all the pieces are made here in Australia from her designs. She finishes off each piece by naming it after one of the graduates from her course, or the Boss Babes as she calls them.

Science of Style Nat Tucker

The initial line is the basics that every Boss Babe needs in her wardrobe: t-shirts (in a variety of necklines to suit your shape), collared shirts, skirts, pants and dresses. She also has a range of shoes, bags and jewellery to finish off your outfit. The ranges comes in sizes 0 (Aus 6) to 6 (Aus 18/20). The best part is that no matter which tops and bottoms you buy, they all go together.

If you’ve done the Boss course, you’re in for a real treat: you can log in and be presented with all the pieces Nat created especially for you. Now shopping had never been easier, it’s almost as easy as getting dressed in the morning. Don’t worry if you haven’t done the course though, you can still purchase pieces you like, you just won’t have a personalised list of items to choose from.

The mantra of Science of Style is simply: buy less, live more.

With so much on her plate right now, Nat is fulfilling one of her other dreams: to hire Boss Babes to work for her. She has put together a team of passionate women who all believe in her fashion philosophy and together they are bringing Science of Style to life.

If you’re interested in Nat’s Boss course, or the Science of Style range, you can find more info here:
Science of Style
Boss Course

*This post originally appeared on Promote SA and was commissioned by Nat Tucker.

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