Hufflepuff Bedroom

The Ultimate Hufflepuff Bedroom for a Harry Potter Fan

2014 will always be known as the year nine year old Isabel discovered Hogwarts. We began by reading the first book over just a few days while she was sick, at the end of it my voice was hoarse and she was hooked. Fast forward through books 2, 3, and 4, a Harry Potter themed birthday haul and a Pottermore account. I now have a dedicated Hufflepuff under my roof, eagerly awaiting her Hogwarts acceptance letter as we start The Order of the Phoenix. While searching for Harry Potter and Hufflepuff themed gifts for her birthday I got sucked into the vortex that is Etsy and so the Hufflepuff bedroom idea was born. After the gallery of photographs below I will list where I found everything and the amazingly creative people who made this possible. A HUGE thanks to my partner Adrian, who brought a lot of my ideas to life as you will see, and to my brother Marc, who helped us set everything up. Enjoy and please share with any Potterheads/Hufflepuffs you know, HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE!

Hufflepuff Bunting – Bad Baby Quilts
Hufflepuff Cushion Covers – Geek and the Chic
Hufflepuff Iron on Patches – MT Threadz
Barn Owl – Teddy Bear Treasures
Washi Tape – That Washi Tape Girl
White Bird Cage – Ebay Seller sekit01
Yellow Boxes, Plants, Quilt Covers – Ikea
Posters – Base images downloadable from Deviantart/Shutterstock and final designs by Adrian Price
Fireplace – French Bazzaar
Felt (Banners/Teddy Scarf) & Yellow Chair/Bed Cushion – Materials from Spotlight and designed/made by Nici and Adrian
Lamp/Filament Globe – Yarra Appliances
Hufflepuff Candle – Frostbeard Studio (no longer available with Hufflepuff logo)
Yellow Lantern Lights – Lantern Shop
Trunk – Ezibuy
Wand – Wizarding Wares
Hufflepuff and Platform 9 3/4 Lanyards – Hot Topic
Furniture – Ikea
Pinboard and Poster Printing and Laminating – Office Works

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